The Story of Sweetgrass

Sweetgrass Farms, like the birth of most good ideas, was a chance meeting of passion and opportunity.  To produce the cleanest, freshest, healthiest, locally grown fruits and vegetables using proven organic principles without synthetic, pesticides, herbicides or animal fertilizer was the passion.  

The opportunity came when a peaceful, rural like setting in a convenient urban like environment was transformed into the place we call Sweetgrass Farms.  The opportunity to use a modern soil free, vertical, hydroponic growing system made the passion a reality.  

With the passion comes commitment.  We will never grow it cheaper at the expense of quality, but it is our commitment to you that we will always grow it better. 

Sweetgrass Farms is family owned and operated by longtime Sarasota residents.  We are staffed by experienced, professional growers.  We have retained as advisors, consultants and suppliers, worldwide experts in hydroponic vertical farming and nutrient solutions. 

About Our Logo

Symbolically, the plant Sweetgrass is thought by most Native American cultures to be the “Sacred Hair of Mother Earth.”  It has been used, aromatically, for centuries to summon inner strength.  It is a reminder to us to respect the Earth and all it provides. 

The abstract bird on our logo symbolizes looking at things from a different perspective.  Certainly vertical hydroponics achieves that! 

Sweetgrass Farms is open to the public Tuesday 9 - 3, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 7 - 3 and on Saturday 9 - 5

We offer U-Pick strawberries, when in season, every day.


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